Zoom Out

Mathieu Samaille

Mathieu Samaille majored in literature and studied drama and digital arts. He is a Canadian and French Citizen. In 2018, his experience in interdisciplinary arts, including writing, directing and editing, led to an interest in Video-Poetry, an immersive and ontological art form that explores the sensorial bonds between text, sound and image, transposing literary processes in media arts (see trailers below).

​He was awarded the Grand-Prix de Vidéo-Poésie at the Festival de la poésie de Montréal 2019. His videos toured in many festivals and cultural events (Canada, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Sweden, England, Poland, Portugal, Mexico…). A copy of his video-poem Madame Jarrar was purchased by Harvard University Department of “Art, Film and Visual Studies” for classroom use. With the support of The Canada Council for the Arts, a solo installation of his work premiered in Montreal at Festival Phénomena in October 2022. Distributed by The Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center, it will tour internationally in 2023.