Zoom Out

Samy Benammar

Samy Benammar holds a Master’s Degree in Film Studies for the Université de Montréal. He is an artist and a film critic for the journals Hors champ, Panorama-cinéma and 24 Images. He directed Peugeot Pulmonaire (2020), Assia (2016) and Chambre noire (2018).

William Gagnon

William Gagnon currently works as Zoom Out’s lead coordinator. His research mainly concerns amateur cinema, home movies and reversal media.

Chantal Partamian

Experimental and documentary filmmaker and archivist, their work consists of experimental short films, film scratches as well as documentaries through which they explore themes of migration, identity, gender and conflict through the combination of a variety of practices. They mainly work on super 8mm and with found footage. In April 2020, Partamian launched an online project of temporal assemblages and visual archives in an Instagram profile inspired by Vinegar Syndrome @Katsakh.

Maude Trottier

Maude Trottier holds a master’s degree in Art History. Her doctoral research project deals with the historiography of sculpture. She is member of the editorial committee of Panorama-cinéma, editor for the collective Moult Éditions and writes art and film criticism for various journals and magazines (Spirale, Vie des arts, Hors champ).

Olivier Godin

Olivier Godin makes films and writes for Hors champ. In 2014, a retrospective of his work was presented at the Cinémathèque québécoise. He directed and wrote, in just a few years, five feature films and numerous short films. Through small budgets and a commitment to speech and artisanal filmmaking, one finds in these films knives and swords, the occasional gun, saxophones and trumpets. In short, adventure!

André Habib

André Habib somehow become professor of film studies at the Université de Montréal after working as a videostore clerk, while remaining a cinephile and critic, and without ever having been able to direct a movie. He joined the team of Hors champ in 2000, with Simon Galiero, Frédérick Pelletier and Nicolas Renaud. He has published over 250 articles and organized more than 40 public events. He is the author, among others, of La main gauche de Jean-Pierre Léaud (Boréal, 2015) and L’attrait de la ruine (Yellow Now, 2011).

Nour Ouayda

Nour Ouayda is a filmmaker, film critic and programmer. She is a co-editor of the Montreal-based online film journal Hors champ. She is deputy director at Metropolis Cinema Association in Beirut where she also coordinates the Cinematheque Beirut project. Her films and writing research the practice of drifting in cinema.

Donato Totaro

Donato Totaro received his PhD in Film & Television from the University of Warwick (UK), supervised by the late Victor F. Perkins, and has been a Film Studies lecturer at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada) since 1990. He is the editor of the longest running monthly online film journal, Offscreen, and has written hundreds of articles and authored numerous audiovisual essays. He is a pillar of the Montreal cinephile community, most notably in the field of genre and horror cinemas.

Derek Hogue

Derek Hogue has been for close to 20 years designing and developing websites for publishers, artists, musicians, and non-profits across Canada and beyond from his home base in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He also is the drummer for the instrumental rock band Agassiz.

Dominique Ethier

Dominique Ethier is a graphic designer and has been active in the field of image branding and typography. He has been an unyielding reader of Hors champ since the beginning.