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This essay is entirely composed of films by Hisayasu Satō. | Ce film est entièrement composé d’extraits tirés de la filmographie d’Hisayasu Satō.

Films quoted | cités :

Kyrie Eleison (Real Time Tapping Report : Pillow Talk), 1993
Splatter : Naked Blood, 1996
Secret Garden (Lolita : Vibrator Torture), 1987
Radical Hysteria Tour (Lolita Disgrace), 1988
The Fetist (Hot Breath), 1998
An Aria on Gazes (Promiscuous Wife : Disgraceful Torture), 1992
Poaching by the Water (Horse and Woman and Dog), 1990
Night of the Anatomical Doll, 1996
Birthday (Molester’s Train : Nasty Behavior), 1993
Rewind (Abnormal : Ugly Abuse), 1988

Idea, Editing | Conception, montage : Julien Bouthillier
Length | Durée : 3 min. 28
Licence | License : Creative Commons (CC) BY-NC-ND

hisayasu satō   jumelles   obsession   pinku eiga   rear window   scopophilia   surveillance   voyeurism   voyeurisme