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L’extrait de la semaine n° 5:The Maltese Falcon (John Huston / 1941)

“L’extrait de le semaine” chosen by Donato Totaro

“L’extrait de la semaine” is a series presented by Zoom Out (zoom-out.ca). We invited friends to produce a short text that evokes a favorite moment of their personal cinema history.

Serie : L’extrait de la semaine
Category : Audiovisual Essay
Keywords : John Huston | The Maltese Falcon | Humphrey Bogart | USA
Text : Donato Totaro
Editing : Olivier Godin
Length : 2’00’’
License: Creative Commons (CC) BY-NC-ND

extrait de la semaine   film noir   humphrey bogart   john huston   the maltese falcon